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Courage by Mind Map: Courage

1. Standing Up For my Religion

1.1. The Jokes

1.1.1. "It was just a Joke" They don't Understand.

2. Courage>Pride

2.1. Pride in something is different than having the courage to stand up for it.

3. 300

3.1. The Spartans

3.1.1. Courageous Warriors No fear

4. Stand Up for What YOU believe In.

4.1. Stand for You, not for what others tell you to stand for

4.1.1. Just because you're the odd on out doens't mean you're wrong.

5. Atticus

5.1. Only man willing to defend Tom Robinson

5.1.1. The courage to stand up for someone who was heavily discriminated

6. Scout and Jem

6.1. Respect for Calpurnia

6.1.1. Courage to go somewhere whites don't usually go

7. Finch Family

7.1. Best Educated = Most Courage