Other forms of reproduction in mammals (Asexual)

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Other forms of reproduction in mammals (Asexual) by Mind Map: Other forms of reproduction in mammals (Asexual)

1. Budding

1.1. An offspring grows out of the body of the parent, to form one whole, seperate, new individual (e.g. hydra)

2. Fragmentation

2.1. The body of the parent breaks into distinct pieces, each of which can produce an offspring.(e.g. planarians)

3. Regeneration

3.1. If a piece of a parent is detached, it can grow and develop into a completely new individual.(e.g. echinoderms)

4. Parthenogenesis

4.1. Involves the development of an egg which has not been fertilized.(e.g. ants,wasps,bees,etc)

5. Hermaphrodites

5.1. Have both male and female sexual organs

5.2. Either have sexual reproduction with themselves or with another mate and produce double the offspring

6. Advantages

6.1. No need to look for mate

6.2. Often faster and more productive

6.3. Offspring will have same adaptations as parent

7. Disadvantages

7.1. Offspring will have same weaknesses as parent

7.2. No genetic variation

7.3. No possibility of adaptation to harsh climates