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Malone by Mind Map: Malone

1. Modest

1.1. National rugby champion but doesn't act like it

2. Heroic

2.1. Would do all this work for a girl

3. Adventurous

4. Brave

4.1. Risks his life, passes the test by Roxton

4.2. Takes a walk in the middle of the night

5. Athletic

5.1. National Rugby Champ, can handle journey

5.2. Climbs to top of a tall tree to see view

6. Clever

6.1. Thinks on his feet

6.2. Thought of the idea to climb the tree to see the entire plateau

7. In Love

7.1. Wants Gladys to marry him, so risking his life

7.2. Names the lake he found after Gladys

8. Determined

8.1. Wants to get to top of tree

8.2. Continues on his walk at dawn even though it's pitch black

9. Asks boss for an adventure

10. Rescues Challenger and Summerlee from ape-men

10.1. Uses athletic ability/wits

11. Documents entire story

12. Willing to go back to Lost World

13. Can't return to campsite without having something to show...