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Malone by Mind Map: Malone

1. Hero

1.1. helped rescue miners from a coal mine

1.2. Saves them from ape men with roxton

2. Modest

2.1. Saved people from mine and did not brag

2.2. National rugby team and did not brag

3. Friendly

3.1. Challenger

3.1.1. Beat up other journalist

3.1.2. Opened up to malone

3.2. His boss

3.2.1. His boss calls him friendly and says people like him

4. Glayds

4.1. Loves her

4.2. Goes on adventure for her

4.3. She wants a hero and he is not

4.4. ends up leaving him

5. Good guy

5.1. Seems like the "good" guy

5.1.1. He has the perfect traits heroic yet modest and friendly and nice