Characteristics of Malone

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Characteristics of Malone by Mind Map: Characteristics of Malone

1. Heroic

1.1. Went down into the coal mine to help trapped workers

1.1.1. Did this without being asked by anyone, it wasn't necessary.

1.2. Rescued Challenger and Summerlee from the ApeMen with Roxtons help.

2. Brave

2.1. Passed Roxton's test of wanting to help subdue the man with a revolver above Roxton's apartment

2.1.1. Roxton was testing to see if Malone would have his back

3. Desperate to Prove worth on the Expedition

3.1. Climbs the tree to get a good view of the island

3.1.1. sees the ApeMan

3.2. Left in the middle of the night to explore the Island without telling the other memebers of the expidition

3.2.1. was desperate to find out information for the group.

4. Athletic

4.1. On the England National Team as a reserve player

4.2. Roxton tells him they will have to suppor the older scientists on the journey because they are fit and the youngest.

5. Charismatic

5.1. McArdle says that he is an easy person to like

5.2. Challenger, who doesn't get along with other press or even other members of scientific community, takes a bit of liking to Malone

5.3. Has the ability to talk with other people easily and get them to like him

6. Persistant

6.1. Willing to travel to South America for Gladys's love.

6.2. Continiously writes in his journal to get a story for his editor.