Malone in the lost world

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Malone in the lost world by Mind Map: Malone in the lost world

1. Athlete

1.1. Plays pro rugby on the national team

1.2. He is good enough to score a try

1.3. we find this out through his convo with Roxton

2. Hero

2.1. This is where Malone doesn't see the fact that he is in fact heroic.

2.2. This is because he relys on the approval of others

2.3. In reality he is very heroic.

3. Inteligent

3.1. When the group wants to create a map of tehir surroundings he is the first to suggest climbing a tree

3.1.1. New node

3.2. This shows his bravery as well since he also volunteers to climb the tree

4. Brave

4.1. This is similar to heroic

4.2. He may become afraid but dosnt let it interfere with his mission and what he needs to do.

4.3. Guy with the gun near roxtons apartment

5. Driven

5.1. In this book, Malone is all of these things but one of the main things that drives him is a women back home: Gladys.