Computer Processing System (CPU) Input and Output

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Computer Processing System (CPU) Input and Output by Mind Map: Computer Processing System (CPU) Input and Output

1. Ideas for novel ...

2. Input Devices

2.1. Advantages

2.2. Mouse

2.2.1. Keyboard Cameras

2.3. mouse is compatable for righthand and lefthand users

2.4. Challenges for the mouse:

2.4.1. Purchasing the right mouse:

3. Get started!

3.1. Input is everything that the user manually puts into the computer.

3.2. Output the devices that moves information or data out of the computer.

3.3. The the applications for learning would be to know what you need before investing in any CPU to get the most usage out of it.

4. Output Devices

4.1. Check out

4.2. Advantages

4.2.1. Monitors Speakers Printers Varies in technology, speed, and quailty of display. Challenges of the printers Replacement of the ink can be costly.

5. New node