Printing Press

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Printing Press by Mind Map: Printing Press

1. Effect on Renaissance Writers

1.1. Helped get their works spread and more popular

1.2. Able to become wealthier since more books could be sold

1.3. Their ideas were possibly taken into effect

2. Effect on General Population During Renaissance

2.1. More understanding of their rights since legal proceedings made laws clear

2.2. Able to improve their literacy

2.3. New information learned

2.4. Aware of the Church's failures/errors

2.5. Hope for better rulers in the future

3. Effect on the Church

3.1. Subject to criticism from people

3.2. More aware of their mistakes

3.3. No longer has support from everyone

4. Impact Today

4.1. Basis for all other forms of printing

4.2. Revolutionized information being spread through books