Personality and the Law

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Personality and the Law by Mind Map: Personality and the Law

1. Civil Law

1.1. Different civil laws

1.1.1. Contract law

1.1.2. Family law

1.1.3. Intellectual property law

1.1.4. Tort law

1.2. Subgroups

1.2.1. Napoleonic

1.2.2. Germanistic

1.2.3. Scandinavian

1.2.4. Chinese

2. Legal entity

2.1. Legal personality

2.1.1. Freedom of speech

2.1.2. Can sign contracts

2.1.3. Can be sued

2.1.4. Has the right to sue someone

2.1.5. Right to due process

2.2. Natural person

2.2.1. Human rights Freedom of speech Freedom from torture Freedom from slavery Right to a fair trial Right to life Freedom of thought, conscience and religion

2.2.2. Can sign contracts

2.2.3. Can be sued

2.2.4. Has the right to sue someone

2.2.5. Can vote in elections

2.2.6. Right to marry

2.2.7. Can hold public office

2.2.8. Right to due process