Kindergarten Host Country Week 2010

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Kindergarten Host Country Week 2010 by Mind Map: Kindergarten Host Country Week 2010

1. Suggested Activities

1.1. Beijing Zoo

1.2. Duck restaurant

1.3. hot pot or tepinyaki

1.4. Chinese Story Teller

1.5. Go to the market buy kites have a picnic and fly kites

1.6. Chinese character paintings

1.7. Instead of going to the market get someone in to make kites with kids

1.8. Hutong Activity

1.9. Get their own book of HCW printed containing pics and words

2. We need a theme

2.1. Connect to direction and mapping

2.2. Journeys

2.3. UOI is How we express ourselves, Print

3. Activities

3.1. Scavenger Hunt

3.2. Happy land coming out school

4. Lunch Venues

4.1. Steak and Egg, took kids orders prior and sent Ta, well organised

4.2. Is steak and eggs appropriate for HCW

4.3. Loft worked well