My New Mind Map

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My New Mind Map by Mind Map: My New Mind Map

1. Music

1.1. A$AP Rocky

1.2. Adele

1.3. Iggy Azalea

1.4. Kanye West

1.5. Rihanna

1.6. Girls Aloud

1.7. Emeli Sande

2. Marketing/Advertising


2.1.1. I think that I am the secondary consumer. I think this because the advert is aimed at people that want to insure things, like cars and homes, whereas I can't an dam not allowed to insure these things, I dont even own these things.

2.2. Wowcha

2.3. John Lewis

2.4. Costa Coffee Advert

3. Film

3.1. Taken

3.2. Charlie and The Chocolate Factory

3.3. Paranormal Activity 4

3.3.1. The intended audience is probably people older than 15 as in the cinema it is a 15+ film. This is because it has a lot of scary, jumpy moments in it, that would not be tolerated by some kids and may scare them. The intended audience is clear.

3.4. Skyfall

3.5. Just Wright

4. Photo Imaging

4.1. Creating Images

5. Television

5.1. Come Dine With Me

5.1.1. I am probably the secondary audience as I watched it through my mum saying it was funny. It is probably aimed at people over 25. The contestants are of different ethnicities, religions and class and therefore that is the intended audience. I think that the intended audience is as mainstream and as broad as possible.

5.2. Eastenders

5.2.1. I think that I am the primary audience as it is on for family viewing. The programme is aimed for everyone really, apart from young children under 8. The intended audience is pretty mainstream.

5.3. Family Guy

5.3.1. I am the secondary audience for this programme as it is on after the watershed. It comes on after 9pm so it makes it clear who the intended audience. It features some bad language and crude humor, but after 9pm it's deemed okay.

5.4. Ameican Dad

5.5. Lilo and Stitch

6. Radio

6.1. Kiss 100

6.1.1. I think that I am the primary audience for this radio station as you can tell by the type of music that is played. It is quite fast and remixed.

6.2. Choice FM

6.3. Capital FM

7. Publishing

7.1. The Sun

7.1.1. I think that the newspaper is aimed for people over 18 because of some of the things that feature in it. I am therefore a secondary consumer as I read it, even though my mum is the nly one who can buy it.

7.2. The Hunger Games

7.3. Mocking Bird

7.4. Catching Fire

7.5. Thirteen Blue Envelopes

8. Interactive Media

8.1. Twitter

8.2. BBM

8.3. Tumblr