What is Copyright?

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What is Copyright? by Mind Map: What is Copyright?

1. What are some other resources I can look at?

1.1. Schewe Library Policy

1.2. Copyright: Do's and Dont's

1.3. Public Domain Chart

1.4. Copyright Poster

1.5. Copyright: FAQ

1.6. Copyright Resources

2. FAQ

2.1. What is Copyright?

2.1.1. How does a copyright differ from a patent?

2.1.2. How does a copyright differ from a trademark?

2.1.3. What is the duration of copyright protection?

2.1.4. Are all works protected by copyright?

2.1.5. Does a copyrighted work have to include a notice of copyright? No

2.2. What is Plagiarism?

2.2.1. What is the difference between plagiarism and copyright?

2.3. What is the public domain?

2.3.1. If something is in the public domain do I still have to cite it? Yes

2.3.2. If something is posted on the internet does that mean it is in the public domain? No

2.3.3. I want to know if a work is in the public domain I have a work that was published between 1923-63 I have a work that was published between1964-77 I have a work that was created before 1/1/78 but was published between then and 12/31/2002 I have a work that was created before 1/1/78 but not published I have a work that was published before 1923 I have a work that was created 1/1/78 or after

2.4. What is Fair Use?

2.4.1. Does my use constitute fair use? 4 Fair Use Factors (1) What is the purpose and character of the use? (2) What is the nature of the copyrighted work? (3) What is the amount and substantiality of the portion used in relation to the copyrighted work as a whole? (4)What is the effect of the use on the Market Is the use Spontaneous? Does my use meet the Cumulative Effect Test? You cannot use the same work more than once, EVER. You cannot claim fair use more than NINE times in one course You cannot use more than ONE work by a single author in ONE course You cannot use more than THREE works from a single anthology, compilation or journal in ONE course

2.5. What does it mean to reproduce?

2.5.1. Scanning

2.5.2. Using Content from a Web Site

2.5.3. Posting Content to a Web Site

2.5.4. Forwarding E-Mail

2.5.5. Linking to a Web Site

2.5.6. Printing

2.5.7. Photocopying

2.5.8. Including material in a slideshow presentation

2.5.9. Uploading

2.5.10. Embedding

2.6. What are my responsibilities as an instructor?

2.6.1. Educate Students

2.6.2. Document your fair use decisions

2.6.3. Can I send course materials to a copy shop for copying and distribution to students in my course Maybe

2.6.4. How does copyright affect what I can put on course reserve for my students? Print Reserves Electronic Reserves

2.6.5. Is copying by all educational institutions considered to be fair use? No

2.6.6. What is a Work for Hire?

2.6.7. What is an assignment of rights?

2.7. What are my responsibilities as a student?

2.7.1. I am a student. Does the university own the copyright for works I created during my academic study? No

2.7.2. Can I get in trouble for downloading copyrighted music, videos, and movies from my residence hall room? Yes

2.7.3. Is copying by all educational institutions considered to be fair use? No

2.7.4. What is a Work for Hire?

2.7.5. What is an assignment of rights?

2.8. What will happen if I get convicted of copyright infrigement?

2.8.1. Legal Penalties

2.9. How do I know if I have to seek copyright permission?

2.9.1. How do I seek permission to use a copyrighted Work? Collective Rights Organizations Movies Music Images Text You may seek permission directly from the owner of the copyright. What should I do if I am either unable to locate the owner of a copyright to seek permission to use the copyrighted work, or the owner of a copyrighted work is not responsive?

2.9.2. Ask yourself: Is the Work Protected? If the work is protected, do you wish to exercise one of the owner's exclusive rights?

2.10. How do I know if I am an owner of a copyright?

2.10.1. What Rights do I have as a copyrighted owner?

2.10.2. How can I obtain a copyright of my own work?

2.10.3. Do I have to place a notice of copyright on my works? No

2.11. What Can I do/not do?

2.11.1. Can I Copy/Use Electronic Resources? E-Reserves Guidelines for placing copyrighted materials on E-Reserves What electronic resources are protected? Moodle Can I upload articles? Can I upload images? Can I upload videos? Can I upload book excerpts?

2.11.2. Can I make a copy of a copyrighted item? Can I make multiple copies for classroom use? Handouts from a teaching manual Chapters in a textbook Entire anthologies, collections, or journals Articles Entire Books Book Chapters Can I make a single copy for research/educational purposes? Book Chapter Article from a periodical or newspaper Short story,short essay, or short poem Image Can I make copies of the same resource multiple times over the course of many semesters? No Can I make copies of an article I found last night in class today? Yes, but...

2.11.3. Can I perform a work publicly? Where can I acquire a Public Performance Licence for a Film? No What is a "performance"? When is a performance "public"? Examples of Public Performances What is required if I wish to play music, videos, or movies in public? Can I show movies publicly Can I show a rented film in my class? Can I show a movie from the library in my class? Can I show an educational movie to the entire campus? Can my student organization show a movie? Visual Arts & Audio-Visual Media

2.11.4. Can I Copy/Use Library Material Can I use material from the library in the classroom? Yes

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3.2. What is the purpose of this mind map?

3.2.1. This mind map contains a list of Frequently Asked Questions about Copyright. Use this map as a guide to understanding how copyright affects you!