Imagining the Unborn in the Ecuadorian Andes

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Imagining the Unborn in the Ecuadorian Andes by Mind Map: Imagining the Unborn in the Ecuadorian Andes

1. Ecuador

1.1. "the one to come" or "creature"

1.1.1. uncertainty different views on miscarried and aborted babies being named or baptized

1.1.2. fetus not a thing

1.1.3. formacion fetus assumes recognizably human form male reach earlier than female newborns unfinished woman responsible for bringing children into social being

1.2. abortion

1.2.1. self-mutiliation

1.2.2. open secret

1.2.3. rates not reliable

1.2.4. legal under circumstances rape of mentally ill save life of pregnant mother

1.2.5. no public debate

1.2.6. moral justification

1.3. auca

1.3.1. between nothing and human personhood

1.3.2. infant or anyone dying unbaptized becomes night wandering spirit

1.4. How many children do you have?

1.4.1. some count only born alive

1.4.2. some count all pregnancies, born alive or lost

2. U.S.

2.1. "fetal person"

2.1.1. science

2.1.2. personification

2.1.3. social facts into natural naming discussing male or female

2.1.4. abortion political issue seen by some as murder either person or non-person