Reproduction, Nurturance, and Procreation in Life Narratives of Abortion Activities

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Reproduction, Nurturance, and Procreation in Life Narratives of Abortion Activities by Mind Map: Reproduction, Nurturance, and Procreation in Life Narratives of Abortion Activities

1. feminism

1.1. awakening

1.2. a passage from motherhood to broader possibilities

2. Pro-choice activist

3. Fargo

3.1. 1st Woman Health Center

3.1.1. Pro-Life

3.1.2. Pro-Life Movement narcissism materialism anomie intrusion of secularism

3.1.3. The reshaping of the women to structural of men

3.2. Pro- Choice

3.2.1. Choices that are vital to women freedom and the ability to sexual discrimination

4. The Life Stories

4.1. Pro-life

4.1.1. Right -to -Life Concerned about the legal and polotical means Nurturance is linked to biological reproduction and is achieved not natural Abortion is denial of reproduction and a rejection of women to nurturance symbolically, causing women to be more like men. Women are simultaneously trandforming themselves, projecting their vision of culture into their past and future Understanding existance

4.1.2. want to improve conditions in a less than perfect world. Desire to control own reproduction is linked to reproducing cultural values of nurturance on a larger scale

4.1.3. Want to use polotical and legal means to extend nurturance into the culture

4.1.4. Want to reformulate the requirements of human reproduction & dependency as condidions Assign chilbearing, caretaking and domesicitty to women. Nurturance is nonhierarchical relationships and group organization. activism is not for personal gain or self indulgence, but for women and social justice for the qualities and tasks tht identify women Better that kids were not born than to live in hell on earth Abortion and Birth Control must remain legall

4.2. Both Pro-Life and Right -to Life are for the cause

4.3. Community Association

4.3.1. extending the boubdaries of family and home

4.3.2. Envision work as full scale social crusade to enhance women posiyion in America culture

5. Reproduction, Generation and Nuturance

5.1. Born in 1940s

5.1.1. Polotical consciousnesss

5.2. By 1960s and 1970s

5.3. Social Movement

5.3.1. new resources to model life

5.3.2. community of others

5.3.3. meaning to social change through their own experiences

5.4. Pro-life

5.5. Born in 1920s most active in the early 1970s

5.6. Currently most active 1950s

5.6.1. Women who had worked before having children & decided to stay home and take care of children

5.6.2. Conversion

5.7. Life Cycle Events

5.8. Self in ralation to the world

5.8.1. Biological factors and Historical moments shaping culture

5.8.2. reorganization produce a social movement for women regarding abortion Pro-choice & Pro-life emerges from a stream of reproductive and general experiences. Historical factor

5.8.3. Biological factors dissonance between culture and codes social process/ social movement individual transformation are based on experiences, culture,beliefs Nurturance moral authority for women action women are at a disadvantage socially, economically and politically holding them to the unappriciated task of caring for others

5.8.4. Women to reproduction and mothering can be interpertated differentally