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Honesty by Mind Map: Honesty

1. Quotes on Honesty

1.1. "A man who admits he is a liar is probably the most honest man of all" - Mark Twain (something like this lol)

2. Define

2.1. Honesty is to tell the truth, although not that simple

2.1.1. Which truth is true?

2.1.2. How do we know which truth is true?

2.1.3. Perhaps are there multiple truths or different truths for everyone?

2.2. Honesty is to be good and admit things that are wrong-to you.

2.2.1. What is wrong to us?

2.2.2. What is right to others?

2.2.3. Does majority define it, or does personal beliefs define it? Do we need reasoning?

2.3. To tell the truth

2.3.1. Is it always a good thing?

2.3.2. You can build a lie off of all truths

3. Lies

3.1. Define

3.1.1. Opposite of honesty

3.2. When is a lie good?

3.2.1. White lie

3.2.2. To comfort someone (Batman/ The Stranger)

3.3. When does a lie become the truth?

3.4. When there are different truths, which one is the lie?

3.5. A lie is always based off a little bit of truth

4. Truth

4.1. Who controls the truth?

4.1.1. Think George Orwell's 1984

4.1.2. How do we trust what is said to be true?

4.1.3. Do we always have to discover the truth by ourselves?

4.1.4. When is it ok to have different truths? Religion Morals Who has the right to define which of these is true and which is not? Is it up to the individual?

5. Why do we need truths?

5.1. Do they add security in this world?

5.2. Are they comforting?

5.3. Are they harmful?

5.4. What is the final goal of telling the truth?

5.5. Is it better to be oblivious and happy, or enlightened and depressed?