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The Industrial Revolution by Mind Map: The Industrial Revolution
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The Industrial Revolution


Key Events



Key Events

Expansion of the Cotton industry

New artistic ideas and changes

Innovative inventions that pulled of a better life

New socio-economic changes and reforms that created a more organized society

Changes in politics that made the goverment more stable and fair, which changed completely the economy of Europe

Financial Causes that supported the industrial revolution

The Cottage Industry

The cottage insutry was a huge step that opened to the industrial revolution, it started to make the bussiness of agriculture a more economic and open way of making money

New Banking System

Private banking and other types of banking started to open making people want to spend more money


The new world brought gold and silver which doubled the money in Europe and permitted more money to be spent on new ideas


Artistic impacts

Things like romanticism, realism and impressionism surged out of the ground with artists like Vincent Van Gogh

Social and reformal impacts

The industrial revolution inspired new reforms due to social conditions involving health, morals and work conditions

Political impacts

More people could now vote since 1832, before only about 6 percent of the male population could vote, which were the large land owners.

Chartism was created and it involucrated important changes like annual parliaments, and voting by ballot.

Effects on the rest of the world

It increased the demand on products

This change led nations to seek for exploration for new colonies

It made britain one of the greatest powers in terms of economics and agriculture.

Leaders ( and their inventions)

Eli Whitney

Cotton gin (separation of cotton seeds)

Francis C. Lewis

Sewing factory machines

Elias Howe

Sewing machine

Cyrus McCormic

Reaper ( Quick harvest of grain

Samuel F. B. Morse


Thomas Edison

Light bulb

Alexander Bell


Karl Benz


Main Causes

Modern work attitudes

More Education

New products and their transportation

A larger market

A more modern and stable government

More money to invest

Why is this a revolution?

Life during this revolution left a permanent mark in that time, everything changed, wealth increased, classes shifted of power and nations began gaining national identities.

As every revolution it provoqued a great change in society such as politics, economics and social status. This makes it a revolution.