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Three M's of HR by Mind Map: Three M's of HR

1. Managing

1.1. A Strategic Act: Starting or Finishing

1.2. Generational Values Shift Spell Change

1.3. Is Your Business An Arena or A Sanctuary?

1.4. Which is more important to start or finish?

1.5. Managing Entrepreneurs Within Your Business

1.6. Changing Workplace Attitudes & Demographics

1.7. Do You Manage and Motivate with Logic or Emotion?

1.8. How do I decide whether an employee should be fired?

1.9. Can Your Company Think Differently And Tolerate Diversity?

2. Motivating

2.1. Lead from the Heart

2.2. Encourage Employees

2.3. Keeping Your Top Employees

2.4. Creating a Corporate Mystique

2.5. Why Employees Resist Change

2.6. Understanding Group Dynamics and Guiding Your Team

2.7. What are some ways to reward hard-working employees?

2.8. Helping Employees Who Have You Been Poisoned by a Toxic Leader

3. Mentoring

3.1. Nice Trumps Price

3.2. Thinking on Your Feet

3.2.1. Pt 1

3.2.2. Pt 2

3.2.3. Pt 3

3.3. What do you believe?

3.4. Action is Omnipotent

3.5. You Get What You Expect

3.6. Practice Intellectual Honesty

3.7. Developing Mental Toughness

3.8. Head Strong versus Heart Smart

3.9. 7 Steps to Achieving the Results You Want

3.10. How strong are your communication skills?

3.11. The Practice of Integrity and Self-Deception

3.12. Helping Employees Create a Personal Success Vision

3.13. Feel More Alive, Absorb Change, Increase Your Capacity

3.14. How to Manage Your Time, Solve Problems, Set Priorities