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Renaissance by Mind Map: Renaissance

1. Writing

1.1. Erasmus

1.1.1. Christian Humanism Writing Pros about it, jokes about others

1.2. Education

1.2.1. Extremely important

1.3. Pizan

1.3.1. One of few women writers Stories, biographies, etc. Women's Rights

1.4. William Shakespeare

1.4.1. 37 Playwrites Plays in the Globe Theater

2. Painting

2.1. Leonardo Da Vinci

2.1.1. "Renaissance Man" (Proficient in more than one art during the Renaissance Period

2.2. Michelangelo

2.2.1. Statue of David

2.2.2. Sistine Chapel Ceiling

2.3. Raphael

2.3.1. Mond Crucifixion

2.3.2. Many Portraits

2.4. Durer

2.4.1. Unique, new styles

2.4.2. Original Ideas

2.5. Van Eyck

2.5.1. Started the use of oil pastels in paintings

3. Inventions

3.1. Johann Gutenberg

3.1.1. Creator of the printing press

3.1.2. Creator of the first printed bible, known as the "Gutenberg Bible"

3.1.3. Published Martin Luther's 95 Theses

4. Science

4.1. Galileo

4.1.1. Predicted and used scientific proof that the Earth was not the center of the universe

4.2. Leonardo Da Vinci