The Time Machine

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The Time Machine by Mind Map: The Time Machine

1. Notes

2. Dehumanizing effect

2.1. What is the author trying to say?

2.2. Are Elois like human?

2.3. Dangers

2.3.1. Secure and rest assured?

2.3.2. No development?

3. Irony

3.1. Rich and comfort do not mean peace

3.1.1. peace needs rest

3.1.2. eloi and moorlock fight

3.1.3. moorlock's dark nature

3.2. Moolock

3.2.1. the nature of their existence with eloi

3.3. Eloi

3.3.1. living in comfort or in terror?

4. Present

4.1. Upper Class

4.1.1. Wealthy

4.1.2. Materialistic, secure, and comfort

4.1.3. Things readily achieved, time machine advances

4.2. Lower Class

4.2.1. Lack of comfort Revolt against their situations

4.3. Future

4.3.1. Want change? hope for life

4.3.2. will to live and fight against the ones that get rid of your happiness

5. Science

5.1. Time Traveller

5.1.1. Why did the time machine disappear?

5.1.2. How will time travel be developed?

5.2. Limitations

5.2.1. What limits did the time traveller have?

5.2.2. How does living in comfort and in peaceful enviroments conducive to human life?