Movie Remakes

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Movie Remakes by Mind Map: Movie Remakes

1. Week 1

1.1. Pre-production

1.1.1. Choose a film Priority

1.1.2. Storyboarding 6 scenes in sequential order: Where: (castle, bank, house…) Characters: (who is in the scene?) Plot: (what is happening) Camera: close up, high/level/low angle, zoom, pan (whole scene) Music:

1.1.3. Script 250 words of dialogue and/or plot ideas

2. Week 2

2.1. Production

2.1.1. Complete written assignments

2.1.2. Written assignments submitted and approved

2.1.3. Begin filming

3. Week 3

3.1. Complete filming

3.2. Editing

3.2.1. Edit movie using Movie Maker Download movie maker

4. Premiere!

4.1. Movie debut at the end of term film festival!