Europe's middle ages Joe Maslow

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Europe's middle ages Joe Maslow by Mind Map: Europe's middle ages             Joe Maslow

1. The Franks

1.1. most men carried francisa

1.2. they loved war

1.3. females loved jewellery

1.4. they were farmers

1.5. franks means free

1.6. serfs are farmers

1.7. the merovingians almost ruled for 300 years

1.7.1. the merovingians were the mos famous family in the franks history

1.7.2. Clovis ruled from 481 to 511 C.E he was the best in the family

1.7.3. once Clovis died the kingdom was split between his children they were not capable of running the kingdom the famous family was now know for treachery and murderous infighting

1.7.4. after a while every king or queen would be killed from their own family

2. The Romans

2.1. the romas copied the greek people on many things

2.2. the romans were highly literate people

2.3. there two main languages wee latin and greek

2.4. all roman citizens had the right to a fair trail and to rescue if the did a crime like killing someone

2.5. everybody was dying for the kingdom and to rule

2.6. After the fall of Rome

2.6.1. Ages later, Greek and Roman art,architecture, drama, literature, sports, mythology, philosophy, laws and systems of government would all be reborn in various forms.

2.6.2. Europe experienced a period were the Romans were called ''Barbarous''.

2.7. The fall of Rome

2.7.1. in the year 410 C.E the Mediterranean world was surprised by the news that the city of Rome whole country or city was conquered by the Goths a Germanic people the only place that was still strong was the capital in Constantinople

2.7.2. the Roman empire which stretched from Iran to Scotland and from upper Egypt to the North Sea, had all collapsed

3. The Anglo-Saxons and the Celts

3.1. when the roman soldiers left to Britain in the fifth century, warriors from the area now known as Germany-the Angles, Saxons, and Jutes moved in, driving out he native Celtic people.

3.2. soon large numbers of Germanic invaders began to settle in Britain and pushed the Celts into Wales,Cornwall, and Scotland

3.3. the Anglo-Saxons like the Frank were farmers

4. Charlemagne

4.1. this is Charlemagne

4.2. he was a great ruler and wanted people to learn how to read and write

4.2.1. he made an effort to learn to read and write

4.3. he made many schools

4.4. if you were not a christian and you did not convert to be a christian you would be killed

4.5. Charlemagne come to power in 768 C.E

4.6. he tried to make thing better for the serfs and tradespeople

5. The Mediterranean World

5.1. the mediterranean world had fertile soil, plenty of rainfall, plenty of sunshine, and a climate that was moderate.

5.2. the Greek empire weakened and fell to the Romans about 150 B.C.E

5.3. the Mediterranean world and the Roman empire were really one and pretty much the same

5.4. European civilizations were those of Greece and Rome. The Greeks eagerly studied philosophy

5.4.1. which is usually defined as the pursuit of ideas.

5.4.2. it is also the search for ideas, wisdom, knowledge

6. The Vikings

6.1. the keepers of Viking history were called skalds

6.1.1. skalds are a Scandinavian poet who recited poems at formal gatherings

6.2. viking land owners almost always had slaves which were called thralls

6.3. they usually lived by fjords

6.3.1. fjords are a long, narrow, salt-water bay with high cliffs along its sides.

6.4. they created 250 years of war and fear which was called the Viking Ages

6.5. the viking invented the long ship and many other thing