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TKAM by Mind Map: TKAM

1. Trial

1.1. Atticus defends Tom Robinson

1.2. Tom accused for raping Mayella

1.2.1. Bob actually beat up Mayella

1.3. Bob Ewell Angry at Atticus and Tom

1.4. Tom is sent to prison after trial

1.4.1. Dies trying to escape

2. Atticus

2.1. Brave man

2.1.1. Shot the mad dog

2.1.2. Brave enough to opposed Bob Ewell

2.2. Father

2.2.1. Jem

2.2.2. Scout

2.3. Lawyer

2.3.1. Defends Tom Robinson

3. Boo

3.1. Eccentric

3.2. doesn't come out of house

3.3. Shy

3.4. Stabbed his father with scissors

3.5. Saved Jem and Scout from Bob

3.5.1. Killed Bob

3.6. Sometimes goes outside

3.6.1. Leaves stuff for Jem and Scout in Knothole

3.6.2. Covers a blanket over Scout after fire