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Lady Bugs by Mind Map: Lady Bugs

1. Social Studies

1.1. Environment in which they live in

1.2. Where they survive the most

2. Science

2.1. The way the lady bugs forms

2.2. Larva,pupa,egg, ladybug

2.3. What each stage looks like

3. Math

3.1. Counting lady bugs spots

3.1.1. Symmetry

3.1.2. adding two lady bugs spots together

4. Literacy

4.1. Filling in missing words about where a lady bug might live

4.1.1. Mini Book

4.1.2. Illustrations

5. Creative Arts

5.1. Lady Bug art project

5.1.1. Placing spots in the appropriate places

5.1.2. Two wings, two eyes, etc..

6. Physical Education

6.1. Sing lady bug song about their different body parts

6.1.1. Antennae, abdomen...