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Integrated Unit - Butterflies by Mind Map: Integrated Unit - Butterflies
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Integrated Unit - Butterflies

Social Studies

map of butterfly living areas in the US separated by different species we have studied

learn about the different butterflies that live in our city or state


life cycle

observe and make predictions of what butterfly eats, does, and how it will change


personal narrative from egg, caterpillar, chrysalis, and butterfly point of view during times when our butterflies are at that stage

butterfly body parts riddles - student created and guess as a class game


student created butterfly symmetry puzzles, can be used as a math center for all of the butterfly unit weeks

keep tallys and graphs of butterflies seen while outside at school and add daily totals during calendar time


work in teams to pantomime the life cycle of a butterfly from egg to adult - see iff class can guess what stage each group is portraying

Creative Arts

paint one half of a butterfly wing and then fold painted side together to make a perfectly symmetrical other wing - then add the other body parts using various arts supplies given

make caterpillars out of egg cartons, making sure to remember all body parts we have learned about


discuss ways to be good to the environment so that butterfly homes are not destroyed and they can continue thier life cycles - make character posters displaying thier ideas


create and keep a butterfly observation and predictions journal. add how they are feeling.