Wheelchair Measurements

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Wheelchair Measurements by Mind Map: Wheelchair Measurements

1. Seat width

1.1. Width of hips at widest part +2"

1.2. Problems: Too wide cause difficulty reaching; too narrow causing pressure on lateral pelvis

2. Seat Depth

2.1. posterior buttock to popliteal fossa. -2"

2.2. problems: Too short fails to support thigh; too long compromise posterior knee circulation

3. Leg length/ seat to footplate length

3.1. From bottom of shoe to just below thigh in popliteal fossa

3.2. problems : Too long will promote sacral sitting & forward sliding; too short will promote uneven wt bearing distribution on thigh; too short will promote excessive wt distribution on ischial seat

4. Seat Height

4.1. leg length +2"

4.2. Minimal foot/floor clearance is 2"

5. Arm Rest Height

5.1. Hanging elbow height +1"

5.2. problems: too high will cause shoulder elevation; too low will will cause forward bending

6. Back height

6.1. seat platform to lower angle of scapula, midscapula, top of the shoulder on desired support.

6.2. problems: Too much causes difficulty transfers; Too much can prevent pt from hooking onto push handle for stabilization & wt. relief