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Plants by Mind Map: Plants

1. Reading

1.1. Read ficiton and non fiction books.

1.2. Use vien diagram to compare and contrats books.

1.3. Discuss non fiction parts

2. Math

2.1. Measure height of plants using standard and non standard measurement

2.2. Graph favorite plants and favorite book

2.3. Group plant seeds to either rote count or skip count by 2's, 5's and 10's.

3. Writing

3.1. Write a non fiction report in how to take care of a flower.

3.2. Write a fiction story about a flower.

3.3. Science journal wrtiting time (3 times a week.)

4. Science

4.1. Plant and observe changes.

4.2. Grow brassica and label the parts of a plant

4.2.1. New node

5. Movement

5.1. Create a flower using body movements.

5.2. New node

6. Social Studies

6.1. Focus on Arizona plants and why they grow in hotter climates.

6.2. Look at other climates and whats plants grow there.

7. Art

7.1. Create flower bouquets.

7.2. Dry flower leaves in a book to create thank you cards.

8. Music

8.1. Create and sing parts of a flower song.

9. Technology

9.1. Bloomin Gardens

9.2. Garden Shop Website:

9.3. How does your garden grow? Website: www.