Technique impacts sleepness

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Technique impacts sleepness by Mind Map: Technique impacts sleepness

1. Negative

1.1. Make people cannot sleep

1.1.1. by physical out of time to sleep

1.1.2. by mental get addicted to devices

1.2. Make people have the sleepless habit

1.3. Make people have the sleepless sickness

2. Classification

2.1. Active

2.1.1. watching TV

2.1.2. Listening to music

2.1.3. using computers, tablets...

2.2. Passive

2.2.1. the noisy devices in house (washing machines, air conditioners, neon lights, fan...

2.2.2. the devices that make vibrations: vehicles, heavy machines...

3. Positive (not mentioned in the assignment), but can be used to make solution (assignment part 2 - make 100 solutions)

3.1. Soft music can help sleep

3.2. There are some software help producing "brain soundwave" to aid sleepness

3.3. There are products help sleepness (massage machine, attar light...)

4. Main ways of impact

4.1. by lights

4.2. by sounds

4.3. by smells

4.4. by vibrations

4.5. by the attractions

4.6. by the excitements