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User Journey by Mind Map: User Journey

1. Step 1 Keyword

1.1. Tasks

1.1.1. 1. Define Keywords 2. Prepare Keywords ready for landing page Pick Items From List That Are Interesting In Talking About

2. Step 2 Landing Page

2.1. Steps

2.1.1. Steps 2a Step 2a Define where possible to put landing Ideally 2. Write text for landing page 3. Setup account, and use the features with it to use its capture form features to collect people interest i.e. name, email, product specified, and address

2.1.2. Steps 2b Step 2b Create landing page 2 /bloggersreviewpage.html (people who have received product and done review). Write text for landing page 2nd page Step 2b Landing Page Video

2.1.3. Steps 2c Step 2c Send to marketing to upload

3. Step 3 Start Promotion

3.1. 1. Every week, pick winner

3.1.1. Contact winner

3.1.2. contact marketing to add details of winner

3.1.3. Susan

3.2. 1. Receive Blogger Requests To Join Program

3.2.1. Log In Spreadsheet & Check Blogger Request Name If US Citizen, with Correct SKU and Category For SEO Keywords Email Address Item review

3.3. 2. Person Who Receives Item Submits They Have Done The Review

3.3.1. Log details in spreadsheet and check submission Name Email Date Of Original Blogger Request Contact Number Link to blog submission All Details Submitted All Details Not Submitted

4. Step 5 Linkdex

4.1. Filterred

4.1.1. Filter 1 General influence, Me+4, Check if purchase details at - if so add email, social media details, phone, purchase, when purchase Contact Email Phone Social

5. Step 4 Advertising on element14 and


5.1.1. Banners Speciic Focused Banners for specific pages Sitewide general banners for general awarenes

5.1.2. Email - US Clients - Last 12 months purchased items on the keyword list we are targeting.


5.2.1. Category specific banners

5.2.2. Site wide banners

5.2.3. Email

6. Step 7 External Advertising

6.1. Facebook Ads

6.2. Google Adwords

6.3. Youtube Video Adverts

6.4. Ben Heck Show Video Adverts

7. Step 6 Public Relations

7.1. Weekly Press Release to announce winner, prize given, blog wrote, and linked to and why

7.1.1. Susan to contact Ken with Details once received details of winners and accompanying information

8. Graphical Example