Project Plan for VJ CS Intranet

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Project Plan for VJ CS Intranet by Mind Map: Project Plan for VJ CS Intranet

1. Goal for Intranet

1.1. Media of work-related communication

1.1.1. Could be used as a Database for gen. info for SC and P&F Team??

1.1.2. To get important/relevant info from and to across the offices

2. Stakeholders

2.1. Developers

2.1.1. Intranet Gustav?

2.1.2. Information All agents? P&F department Technical dep Marketing

2.2. Primary User Group

2.2.1. CS agents

2.2.2. Marketing

2.2.3. P&F Team

2.2.4. Technical department

3. Notes

4. Intranet for CS staff

5. Set-up

5.1. By country/markets??

5.1.1. Malta+CR CS info Issues with games Issues with campaigns ??? Payment Updates WD DEP Problems with WD Problems with DEP

5.1.2. Japan CS info Payment updates DEP WD Issues with WD Issues with DEP

6. Timeline

6.1. Schedule

6.2. Resources

6.3. Delays

7. Actions

7.1. ??