3 Trimesters of Pregnancy

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3 Trimesters of Pregnancy by Mind Map: 3 Trimesters of Pregnancy

1. weight gain

1.1. braxton hicks contractions

1.1.1. BIRTH! 40 weeks - full tern

1.1.2. shortness of breath

1.2. edema

2. 1st Trimester: 1-3 months

2.1. + pregnancy test

2.1.1. fetal organ formation: 2-8 weeks after conception NO teratogens! Birth control seixure medication alcohol radiation tetracyclines rubella vaccine lithium DES

2.1.2. 80% of miscarriages occur in 1st trimester

2.1.3. Nausea Vomiting Small weight gain, 1 lb/month Tired

2.1.4. Absence of menstrual period Bleeding can be mistaken for period important to ask about last mentrual cycle! if confused, pregnancy is 1 m older than thought

3. 2nd Trimester

3.1. Fetal growth

3.1.1. Major organ development Skeletal bone development

3.1.2. Fetus starts at 1 oz >2 lbs by end

3.2. sex organs

3.2.1. ultrasound child birthing class increased energy

3.3. mother begins to "show"

3.3.1. fetal movement

3.4. breast enlargement

3.4.1. skin color changes nasal stuffiness and dizziness

4. 3rd Trimester

4.1. physically challenging

4.1.1. emotional

4.2. fetal muscle growth

4.2.1. protective fat layers lung maturations swallows amniotic fluid temperature control after birth skin thickens