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COLLABORATION -Diversity by Mind Map: COLLABORATION -Diversity
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Foreign Language Week (Sometime in March)

In Plainview-Old Bethpage Middle School, we have a culture fair every year, where students display information  and artifacts from their culture. They wear traditional clothes and bring traditional food. Students enjoy it very much and get to learn a lot.

Hispanic Heritage 9/15-10/15

Spanish Harlem


Black History Month


Minority is the Majority

whats considered a minority

What time are we meeting besides the Wednesday?

EEV Collab-Nov 1

diverse learning styles and environments

annotate and celebrate LI diversity

Diversity website

student work events/celebrations famous immigrants

Teaching Diversity


Fall,2007 - Create website, calendar of events on LI, and resources.

The calendar will help to celebrate diversity and discuss it in class throughout the year.

Sample student work using audio, video, and written work.

Sample teacher lessons addressing diversity within the classroom

Cross cultures

Common ground between different people

opening up communication between different groups

Creating partnerships between classes, schools, etc.

BLOG: Creating a blog about diversity everyone can talk about upcoming events or share their view or reflections.

Students can talk about their experiences with overcoming diversity

Students can share cultural differences

Students and teachers can share customs and traditions to educate everyone about the cultural diversities.

WIKI: We could also create a Wiki for teachers where they could discuss ideas on lessons that teach diversity.

Students and parents could also use wiki for support

Students can have Pen Pals in different ethnic areas

Teaching Multicultural Literature

Books on Diversity

Books for Teaching about Cultural Diversity Through Celebrations

Students create a diversity book