Misuse/Abuse of Police Authority

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Misuse/Abuse of Police Authority by Mind Map: Misuse/Abuse of Police Authority

1. How is police abuse/misconduct socially constructed? Are there any myths about police misconduct?

1.1. Is it more acceptable for policemen to be too forceful or make mistakes because they intend to protect?

1.2. source: Law Enforcement and Popular Movies

2. Is Internal Affairs an effective agency?

2.1. source: Code Blue

2.2. source: America's Most Successful Stop Snitchin' Campaign

3. Are there sufficient data to analyze?

3.1. source: Information on Drug-Related Police Corruption

4. How is corruption formed within police departments?

4.1. How can police corruption be monitored or prevented?

4.1.1. source: Controlling Police Corruption

4.2. source: Some Observations on Police Misconduct

4.2.1. Have there been any extensive cases of corruption and/or brutality? source: Multiple Causes of the LAPD Rampart Scandal

5. What are the punishments or repercussions? How effective are they?

5.1. source: Police Discipline: A Case for Change

6. Are there race/gender elements that influence police abuse?

6.1. source: Police Attitudes Towards Abuse of Authority

6.2. source: A Gender Study of Crime Types from Court Cases