Continuing Certification Requirements

How to maintain your PMI Certification

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Continuing Certification Requirements by Mind Map: Continuing Certification Requirements

1. Academic Education (back to school (-: )

1.1. claim 15 PDUs for a 15 week semester

1.2. course needs to be about Project Management

2. Professional Activities and Self-Directed Learning

2.1. 5 PDUs / year for working as a project manager

2.2. Selfdirected Learning

2.2.1. read books

2.2.2. discuss with colleagues

2.2.3. 15 PDUs in 3 years

3. Attend Program offered by Educational Provider

3.1. online

3.2. face-to-face

3.3. PMI global congresses

4. Attend PM Training offered by non-PMI "Registered Education Providers" (REP)

4.1. Neue Idee

5. volunteer service for your PMI Chapter