Animal Experimentation

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Animal Experimentation by Mind Map: Animal Experimentation

1. Cause: need for medical advances, moral issues with human experiments, similarities to humans allow discoveries about ourselves learned through other creatures.

2. Effect: Medical advances in drugs and medical treatments, education about organisims, making sure products are safe to use on humans. (negative)Effects: Animals uncomfortable, injured, forced into unhealthy conditions, killed and unfairly treated. The passing of several laws, and the creation of animal rights groups.

3. 2 laws put in place: one law says anyone who crosses a state line to act on a research facility is a terrorist. One put in place minor restrictions on scientists and how they can treat the animals. Not on what they do to them.

4. "biomedical research practices is considered ethically un acceptable for humans, it should likewise be considered ethically unacceptable for animals,"- Peter Singer

5. "Humans have no right to exploit animals simply because they are a different species" - Singer