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Holocaust by Mind Map: Holocaust

1. When

1.1. Began on January 30th 1933, the day Hitler became Chancellor of Germany , and ended on May 8th 1945, the end of the war in Europe.

1.2. Although the Holocaust lasted a little over a decade, Anti-antisemitism has been around for millennium.

2. Why

2.1. Anti-semitism

2.1.1. Hatred or discrimination of Jewish Peoples

2.1.2. Anti-semitism dates back thousand of years.

2.2. The Marginalization of Germany after the Treaty of Vesallies

2.3. Hitler blames Germany's problems on Jewish Peoples

2.4. The creation of a pure "Ayran" race

3. How

3.1. Camps

3.1.1. Concentration Camps "Labor or Holding" Held "Undesirables" Used labor to fuel companies like "IGFaben" Notable labor camps include Zaslow and Paslow

3.1.2. Extermination Camps " Killing" Used "Xyclon B," a powerful pesticide to kill prisoners in gas chambers made to look like showers Nazi's would burn the bodies in crematories. which ran at 1400 bodies/24 hours Notable extermination camps include Auschwitz and Treblinka

3.2. Ghettos

3.2.1. "Holding areas" Before victims are sent to camps

3.2.2. Notable Ghettos include the Warsaw Ghetto and the Krakaw Ghetto.

3.3. Einsatsgruppen

3.4. Gas trucks

3.4.1. Trucks with feeds from the exhaust into the holding area, killing prisoners with CO gas

3.5. Race Laws

4. What

4.1. The killing of 6 million people, mostly jews, by the Nazi Regime

5. Important Events

5.1. March 22, 1933 — the Nazi regime in Germany begins construction of concentration camps

5.2. April 1, 1933 — the Nazis decree a boycott of Jewish owned shoips and businesses

5.3. Sept. 15, 1935 — the Nuremburg Race Laws against the German Jews

5.4. Nov. 9-10, 1938 — Kristallnacht. Destruction of Jewish Synagogues and other community property by rampaging gangs

5.5. Sept. 1939 — Germany conquers Poland. The German S.S. immediately begins action against Polish Jews

5.6. Sept. 3, 1941 — first test use of Zyklon-B gas at Auschwitz

5.7. Jan. 20, 1942 — Wannsee Conference in Berln

5.8. May 7-9, 1945 — surrender of Germany

5.9. July 1933 — Evian Conference.

6. Who

6.1. Jewish Peoples

6.1.1. Primary targets of the Holocaust

6.1.2. Tried to resist events Hidden Black Market Used false ID's Attempt to escape from camps Create art, poems, and stories Would revolt in the Ghettos

6.1.3. Zionist movement for the creation of a Jewish homeland

6.2. Other "Undesirables"

6.2.1. Roma

6.2.2. Poles

6.2.3. Clergy

6.2.4. Criminal's

6.2.5. Homosexuals

6.2.6. Mentally Challanged

6.2.7. "Jews"

6.3. Nazi's

6.3.1. Hitler Ideals Used "Jews" as a scapegoat for Germany's problems Wanted a powerful "Ayran" race Rise to Power 11/8/1923 Beer Hall Putsch

6.3.2. Contempory hate Modern day Nazi's (Neo-nazism) Skin heads KKK Stormfront Ect.

6.3.3. Schutzstaffel "SS" Einsatzgruppen Voluntary killing squad "Mobile Killing Units" Killed 1,000,000 (Mostly face to face) First Nazi organization to take up mass killings Led by Heinrich Himmler Originated as elite bodyguards Ran the concentration camps

6.3.4. Gestapo Secret police

6.4. Other Figures

6.4.1. Jophesh Goebbels, Minister of propaganda for the Nazi party

6.4.2. Benito Mussolini, Prime Minister of Italy and close ally to Hitler.

6.4.3. Adolf Eichman, Lieutenant Colonel of the Gestapo.

6.4.4. Oskar Schindler, employed Jewish workers in his factory to prevent them from being sent to camps. Saved over 1000 "Schindlerjuden"

6.4.5. Josef Mengele, SS doctor at Auschwitz. Known for his horrid experiments.

7. Where

7.1. The Holocaust took place mainly in Europe, under the sphere of Nazi influence

8. The 8 Steps of Genocide

8.1. Classification

8.1.1. Symbolization Dehumanization Organization