Understanding Assessment

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Understanding Assessment by Mind Map: Understanding Assessment

1. Types of Assessment

1.1. Summative

1.2. Formative

1.3. Diagnostic

1.4. Resource (further reading) types of assessment

1.5. Poorly designed assessments

1.5.1. fails to link Teaching Learning Assessment

1.5.2. results in Over/Under assessment Affects students motivation

1.5.3. problems as above Poor use of technology

1.6. A good assessment design considers

1.6.1. number of assessments due on the same date within a department/school

1.6.2. time allowed for students to complete the assessment

1.6.3. time for the staff to mark the assessment

1.6.4. quality of feedback

1.6.5. full list here

2. Reference:

3. Resource: Constructive Alignment

4. Tools for planning assessment

4.1. Assessment Blue Print: Key is to find what kind of learning you are trying to fosture

4.1.1. aim of the BluePrint is to ALIGN Learning Outcomes Learning Activities Assessment approaches Feedback

4.2. Understanding the Learning Approaches helps with above

4.2.1. Surface Learning

4.2.2. Strategic Learning

4.2.3. Deep Learning

4.2.4. Resource:Deep and Surface approaches to learning

5. Learning

5.1. Resource:Learning Styles

5.2. Progresses through

5.2.1. Knowledge

5.2.2. Comprehension Emphasis is on Surface learning and Generic feedback

5.2.3. Application

5.2.4. Analysis Emphasis shifts to strategic learning and targeted feedback

5.2.5. Synthesis

5.2.6. 6. Evaluation Shifts to Deep learning and personalised feedback