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Social Media by Mind Map: Social Media

1. Economics (consumerism, spending habits)

1.1. People will spend a bunch of money to get the newest and best technology

1.2. New stores selling new products can open

1.3. People can spend a lot of money on a phone plan

1.4. New jobs can be created because of new technolgies

1.5. Advertisement

1.5.1. They reach more consumers

1.5.2. In a way it can be the best way but it just makes people using the website get mad and they ignore it.

1.6. People have to spend money to get the fastest and best internet

1.7. Makes people famous therefore making them money

1.8. internet shopping

1.9. It's easier now for companies to have business ties in other places of the world

1.10. Conclusion: Social media is good and bad for economics. New technologies and such have made some people very rich and very famous, however people can become obsessed with the newest and best thing and can be spending to much money on things that don't truly matter. People can also get people to pay to put an advertisement on their website. For the most part though i think that social media and the new technologies that it has brought along our good for our economy.

2. Politics (Grassroots Movement)

2.1. Some countries don't allow the use of internet or some search engines

2.1.1. China They don't welcome the use of Facebook, Youtube, Google and Twitter.

2.1.2. North Korea They are sitting in the lowest ranking of the World Press Index Rankings Most of their social media is based on their own propaganda and is all about what the government thinks that the citizens should hear. They tend to have alot of attack ads about the Western world, Christianity, United States, Israel, Japan and South Korea. Few government officials have access to actual internet, but the internet that they have access to is the Chinese internet, which has a lot censored as well.

2.2. During a campaign, people now run commercials, and they have their own websites and they make Facebook pages and groups to get peoples attention.

2.2.1. They also use these same techniques to get information to the people they need to share it with after they are in office

2.2.2. They can also use these techniques in bad ways, such as to make attack and adds and such.

2.3. You can now watch parliament meetings on TV

2.4. Because of the News and how fast information can spread, as soon as one person in power does something stupid, everyone knows about it.

2.4.1. Therefore Politians aren't as free to do as they please because someone is always watching

2.5. Obama

2.5.1. He believes internet freedom is a good thing and they he will always try to make it so that everyone has freedom on the internet.

2.5.2. He answered questions on a social media site knowing that many people visit sites and so this proves that social media is a huge in our society because the president if the united states uses it just to keep in contact with his citizens.

2.6. Conclusion: Politics has become a much bigger thing than before with social media. Information can gets across faster and more people have access to what is going on it their governments. More people can now also get involved in what is happening in their country and have their own say and opinion on things. I believe that social media is good and helpful for politics in general.

3. Technology (internet, smartphones)

3.1. Blackberry Messenger

3.2. Facebook

3.2.1. adsvertisment

3.2.2. Your personal information anyone can now find

3.2.3. Mark Zuckerburg

3.3. Twitter

3.3.1. advertisement

3.4. Instagram

3.5. Texting

3.5.1. your phone company can send you texts about new deals and plans to help 'better' the plan you already have

3.6. Instant Messaging

3.7. E-mail

3.7.1. Businesses can send you ads on sales and new products

3.8. Blog

3.8.1. advertisment

3.8.2. You get peoples opinions on products so then you will know what to buy because a lot of people will trust what people say before anything else.

3.9. Youtube

3.9.1. advertisement

3.9.2. Can make people famous

3.10. Internet in general

3.10.1. TV/movies

3.10.2. exposure to innapropriate information

3.10.3. information

3.10.4. businesses/online shopping

3.11. Google

3.11.1. advertisment

3.11.2. information

3.12. Skype

3.13. Conclusion: There are many ways now to communicate with people. These can be good because you can now talk to people you'll never be able to, however it can pose many dangers to people who don't take online communication seriously. The internet has made learning a lot easier because you can just Google anything and you can learn what ever it is that you wish to learn about. It has become a great tool for advertisers because they realize that many people go online everyday so then it would be a fantastic way to get people to see their advertisement and it is a way for owners of websites to make money because people pay to put an advertisement on someone's website.

4. Community (lifestyle, environment)

4.1. Information gets from one person to another a lot quicker than it did before

4.1.1. gossip

4.1.2. people reach fame faster

4.2. Most people would rather text or message a person to ask something then talk to them in person.

4.2.1. Less face to face communication No need for social skills

4.2.2. People marry people that they meet online

4.3. People are so attached to their technology they bring them with them wherever they go

4.3.1. school distracts from learning can be helpful because they can search up information or hand in work through mobile devices.

4.3.2. driving distracts people from driving and can get them into accidents because they aren't paying attention to the road

4.3.3. don't pay attention to the life around them

4.4. Easier to plan events

4.4.1. its easier to send out on message to multiple people saying the same thing then having to find a whole bunch of people to just tell them the exact same thing as you just said.

4.4.2. you dont have to plan to meet with someone so you can plan to meet them later.

4.5. New jobs can be created therefore making a different lifestyle for some people

4.6. Work/Jobs

4.6.1. People e-mail people on offices right beside each other instead of getting up and talking to them

4.6.2. It helps for business across the country/world conference calls

4.7. Conclusion: Social media and the technologies that it had brought with it has completely changed the way we live. We can now be always in communication with others without being right beside them the whole time. It has made it so information can get across to people a lot faster than before, which can be a good thing and a bad thing. But because of how important social media is on our lives, we cant live without it, no matter where we are there is always someone doing some sort of social media. To a lot of people communicated some other way then face to face can be more important then being right beside the person.