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Runner by Mind Map: Runner

1. Characters

1.1. Rebo

1.2. Nom Waa

1.3. Norr

1.4. Robot King

2. Symbol

2.1. The child - reincarnation of Nom Waa

2.2. Selena - the tool that the robot king uses to speak to the people

2.3. Rebo's tattoos

3. Conflicts

4. Idea

4.1. The collapse of a long lost civilization and its eventual return

4.2. Rebo has to journey with the child to his homeworld, has to protect the reincarnation of a entire religon

5. Conflicts

5.1. Robots vs. People

5.2. Rebo vs. Child

5.3. Norr vs. Empire

5.4. Guild vs. Nom Waa's guild