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www.boohoo.com Home page by Mind Map: www.boohoo.com Home page

1. Header

1.1. BooHoo image logo with link to home page

1.2. Womens tab

1.2.1. Subpage Womens Clothing & Fashion

1.3. Mens tab

1.4. Search field

1.4.1. With text :"What are you looking for?" Suggestions topics drop down list

1.5. Sign in icon with link to sign in subpage

1.5.1. Sign in form

1.5.2. Login tab Email text field Password text field Show password tab option Remember me tick box Forgot password Reset password window by typing in text field the e-mail address

1.5.3. Register tab if no account on site Creat account page Register with Facebook Register with e-mail Link to terms and conditions Link to Privacy notice

1.6. Wish list icon with link to Wish list subpage

1.7. View cart icon with link to cart subpage

1.8. Menu bar

1.8.1. Sale tab If mouse pointer on "Sale" tab open "Sale" menu If click on "Sale" tab open "Sales" subpage

1.8.2. New In tab If mouse pointer on "New in " tab open "New in " menu If click on "New in" open "New in" subpage

1.8.3. All Clothing tab If mouse pointer on "All clothing" tab open "All Clothing" menu If click on "All clothing" tab open "All clothing" subpage

1.8.4. Dresses tab

1.8.5. Summer tab

1.8.6. Tops tab

1.8.7. Shoes & Accessories tab

1.8.8. Occasion wear tab

1.8.9. Shop by figure tab

1.8.10. Beauty tab

1.8.11. Sustainability tab

1.8.12. MISSPAP tab

2. Main body of web page with pictures /adds as hyperlinks to special offers and focus products

3. Cookies consent pop-up

3.1. Select Cookies options

4. Footer

4.1. Contact information

4.2. Card payment options info

4.2.1. all accepted card types


4.3.1. Track my order

4.3.2. Help

4.3.3. Returns

4.3.4. Delivery info

4.4. Country

4.4.1. select country from dropdown list link to the selected country website

4.5. About us & more

4.5.1. About boohoo

4.5.2. Size guide

4.5.3. The boohoo App

4.5.4. boohoo Premier

4.5.5. Student discount

4.5.6. Discount & promo codes

4.5.7. Get Exclusive Offers & Updates

4.5.8. Gift cards

4.5.9. Become an Affiliate

4.5.10. Become a Partner

4.6. Information

4.6.1. Sustainability

4.6.2. Klarna

4.6.3. ClearPay

4.6.4. Laybuy

4.6.5. PayPal

4.6.6. Investor Relations

4.6.7. Environmental & Social Responsability

4.6.8. BCI Membership

4.6.9. Modern Slavery statement

4.6.10. Careers

4.6.11. T&Cs

4.6.12. Privacy Notice - last update

4.6.13. About cookies

4.6.14. Site map

4.6.15. Subscribe text field for e-mail

4.6.16. Boohoo app information Get it on Google Play tab Open Google Play Store Download on the App Store tab Open App Store

4.6.17. Icons links to Boohoo social media pages Instagram Facebook Twitter TikTok YouTube Pinterest TheFix

4.6.18. Terms & conditions

4.6.19. Privacy Policy

4.6.20. Copyright info

4.7. Quick Links

4.7.1. Track My Order

4.7.2. Help

4.7.3. Returns

4.7.4. Delivery info

4.8. Country drop down list

4.8.1. each selection redirects user to the selected country website