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UNM Scaling Plan by Mind Map: UNM Scaling Plan

1. Bucket 6 - Establishing a Referral Program

1.1. Optimized Reporting Sheet

1.1.1. Optimized script/flow for the presentation (shouldn't be dependent on Gladwyn), but cloneable Be shameless - Ask clients for referrals or upcoming projects they have planned. While we are relationship builders, they should always know we mean business Track your referrals from clients. Clients who lead to more referrals, incentivize them, maybe knock off 5% of their next project?

2. Client Feedback Loop

2.1. Handle client complaints with dignity. Accept that we might be at fault, but make the client feel that they are being listened to without being overly defensive.

2.1.1. Understand where we have failed. Is it the partner network, internal, or something that we haven't flagged?

3. Retainer Contracts

3.1. What types of services and industries opt for retainer type projects?

3.1.1. Tie in Prospecting to retainer projects

3.1.2. Easier to reach $1M with 10 ($10k monthly clients)

4. Bucket 1 - Domain Expertise/ Mastery

4.1. Work with Clients in Industries we are interested in (Build Case Studies)

4.1.1. Understand the process of the purchase cycle for B2B customers, how can we refine the flow? Optimized Agency Site with Reviews, Case Studies and Social Proof (Validation definitely a plus) Keep reiterating, look at novel spaces that have less competition (Green, Sustainability) sometimes it is easier getting known for doing something revolutionary for a traditional market

5. Bucket 2 - Prospecting

5.1. Build a list of target industries (Love to have, Good to have, Bread and Butter)

5.1.1. Decide on a Prospecting Strategy, and build out the email content, social content, etc. There has to be no gaps in the overall process. If Cold Emails are our route (Do this) Twitter and Social Media Prospecting Defined Content Strategy for the standard type of users of the platform Schedule at least a month of content before rolling it out Contact list of key individuals, target industries, brands we want to impress. Begin engaging with people on our radar (at least twice a week). Your comment needs to stand out, so your name is on the top of the prospects mind Build a follower engagement strategy, queries, posts, surveys, etc Facilitate leads from Social Media, Amplify it and keep reiterating. Purchase Secondary Domains + Choose Platform for Cold Emails Lead Sourcing Automation Finalized (Sets of Emails, First -> Second (After one week) -> Third (After a fortnight) -> Breakup Email. (Be witty and characteristic of UNM) Start sending emails, and reiterating. Look at the content, be on the top of the mind of the customer, stand out from the crowd

6. Bucket 3 - Closing the Loop

6.1. Tailor your emails and presentations to their target industry (If you have a similar problem that you've solved regardless of the same industry, highlight it)

6.1.1. Understand that the closing process is different from an entrepreneur and an employee. KYC. Who are you talking to? Always drive to speak to a decision maker, weed out the middle men (but make the middle men feel valuable, you might need them) Build relationships - Understand where in the sales process you failed. If they weren't ready for you, move on to the next one. Understanding where we failed, helps us understand where to succeed. Referrals are a strong source of conversion. Use Referrals where you can to ease into the conversation, make the prospect seem that you are familiar. Familiar is safe, its not a risky bet then.

7. Bucket 4 - Onboarding

7.1. Map out your onboarding process

7.1.1. Let the client have visibility, look at platforms and solutions that enable that, this makes follow-ups less, and allows you to be focused on building the relationship. Look for gaps or holes in the onboarding process. If the experience is amazing and less painful, it gets addictive for the client. Automate the process where you can, through Zapier, email automation, Slack, etc. Be mindful that you need to work with tools the customers are comfortable with.

7.1.2. Get all accesses and assets from client

8. Bucket 5 - Getting Client Results

8.1. Articulate and set KPIs and OKRs for the clients objectives from Day one. Everything we do revolves around that.

8.1.1. Create Systems and SOPs for prospecting. We are implementing it and refining it everyday. Create Systems and SOPs for Onboarding. We are taking back feedback from the customers and refining our platform, automating wherever we can. Build a knowledge base of resources in tactics and strategies that we are implementing. Reasons for failure should be understood clearly. Look at an End Project stage for the client, where you are collecting feedback from them. The thought that we are using this to improve processes, regardless of how bad the feedback is (This is something no one is doing right now)