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Ayn Rand by Mind Map: Ayn Rand

1. She would like to be classed with Aristotle

1.1. But she has been accused of making up her own terms and referring to her fictional characters. Such as John Galt

1.1.1. John Galt was a character from her novel Atlas Shrugged

1.2. Objectivism is her system of philosophy, but it wasn't objective.

1.2.1. Her fan base includes: Alan Greenspan Hillary Clinton

2. Laissez-faire: Belief that the economy should be left by itself and all will be well.

3. Quiz Answers:

4. Was a self-promoter according to Scott McLemee

5. 1905, Russian Born, moved to America and loved it. Especially New York City

5.1. Novelist for The Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged

5.2. Called the United States the first moral society in history.

5.2.1. This morality came from less government and more selfishness.

6. The Virtue of Selfishness 1964

6.1. Selfishness is not a bad word

6.1.1. Galt said, "Rationality is a matter of choice." The world has resources that need dividing up, rational people can do this. Even if it means that someone else will be given less in resources. Greed is good!

6.1.2. Society is a collection of people, therefore what is good for the person is good for society.