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Summit Ideas by Mind Map: Summit Ideas

1. Pre-engagement (via our current network)

1.1. * Ongoing focus group. CM meetings to provide input leading up to something

1.2. * CM and school leaders extend formal invitation to other guests (alumni, community organizations, etc.)

1.3. * Earlier communication (save the date, team level input, etc.)

2. Tell Houston "stories"

2.1. * SL nominees present their vision, steps they took throughout the year, etc.

2.2. * TED talk style event; TEDx

2.3. * Student and parents share stories

3. Community based focus

3.1. * Merge with children at risk and/or HISD transformative Summit

3.2. * [This is an idea that came out near the end of our conversation]

4. Small groups

4.1. * Small group decrease in between sessions with CM, alumni, principles

4.2. * Small groups with CM, alumni, principal, etc. move together throughout the day

4.3. * Alumni lead sessions for small groups

5. Parents and students engage with CM

5.1. * Have parents come learn about

5.2. * Have CMs brings a parent and/or student

6. Engage community organizations

6.1. * Staff and/or CM volunteer at community organizations Dearing the Spring to build relationship and increase investment of the community organizations working with us

6.2. * Series of volunteering event with community organizations leading up to the summit to increase engagement from both side

6.3. * Community organizations will give sessions on current develop minutes happening in their area and how children might be affected by these outcomes

6.4. * Find ways school should partner with community organization (a forum for both parties)

7. Donors

7.1. * Donors and board members lead sessions based on their career

7.2. * Capitalize on external networks for promotions and session building (alumni, district leaders, principles, etc.)

7.3. * Invite all donors; both individual and corporate

8. All tech (no paper)

8.1. * all supporting materials / content is digital

9. Diversity

9.1. * What if we focus the entire day on diversity? (Culturally relevant teaching, affinity groups, bring in authors/speakers)

10. New location

10.1. * Have summit somewhere other than a campus

10.2. * What if we did six separate community-based Summit) like Sunnyside education Summit)

11. Summit for students

11.1. * The college fair run by CM/staff promoting their universities for students/parents [x2]

11.2. * What if we focus on student development instead of CM development?

12. No [traditional] sessions

12.1. * Less content sessions and more big picture session

12.2. * MTLDs lead no sessions so we can learn too

12.3. * Session that is strictly role-playing different concepts

13. Optional time blocks

13.1. * Make parts of the day entirely optional (ex. CM forgoes session #2 and instead opts for work time, connecting with alumni, MTLD support, etc.)

13.2. * Will make day feel shorter

14. Culture

14.1. * "Things" for guests

14.2. * MTLD competition

14.3. * End of year CM celebration

15. Miscellaneous Idea

15.1. * Invite 2013 CMs

15.2. * Invite students who went to college but did not continue to do a panel

15.3. * Fold second-year summit (could be part of the morning)

15.4. * Get out superlative awards to CM throughout the day

15.5. * Trade-off - everyone bring something to barter/trade

15.6. * Opening is breakfast with students and CM speakers

15.7. * Do we need a new thematic structure or is the fourth question theme transferable to a new event

15.8. * CM movie - video that highlights the huge differences and challenges among corps members as the opening

16. Problem Solving Protocol

16.1. Unconference

16.2. * Four members collaborate to create a tangible plan and schedule for meaningfully impacting their community

16.3. * Solutions based activity

16.4. * Problem-solving protocol by communities (CM, alumni, school leaders, community leaders, etc.)