My Geistesblitze

Sammlung von nützlichen Links zu eLearning und Moodle

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My Geistesblitze by Mind Map: My Geistesblitze

1. Ideas for using blogs and wikis in your course

2. ANimoto-Voicethread -Powerpoint

3. Ideas for using wikis

4. Online Quiz generating sites

5. Bloggen in der Berufsschule


7. Embed anything in your website

8. Skype in the classroom

9. Gahoodle- Google, Moodle and Mahara

10. Nano Gong Audio Recorder

11. Mediabird

12. Podcasting Tutorial

13. Generation YES Resources

14. Fronter und andere LMS

15. Wookie Moodle Google

16. My Geistesblitzes

16.1. werkenntwen