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My Geistesblitze by Mind Map: My Geistesblitze
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My Geistesblitze

Ideas for using blogs and wikis in your course

ANimoto-Voicethread -Powerpoint

Schnelltest Web 2.0 Multimedia Präsentationen - Am Gardasee

Ideas for using wikis

Online Quiz generating sites

Bloggen in der Berufsschule

Bloggen stat Berichtsheft- weiterführende Idee: geschützter Bereich MAHARA

Embed anything in your website

Skype in the classroom

Gahoodle- Google, Moodle and Mahara


Nano Gong Audio Recorder


Mediabird steht bereits für CommSy und Moodle kostenfrei und Open Source zur Verfügung.

Podcasting Tutorial

Generation YES Resources

Free Resources from Generation YES We are happy to provide these resources to help you empower students to improve technology use in their own schools. The resources on this page are all free, based on lessons learned in our years of working with K-12 schools around the world building successful student-centered, student-led technology programs. Please use, print, and share with colleagues. We ask that you not modify them, sell them, remove our name or copyrights, or use parts without attributing us. Other than that, we hope you link to them, download them, share them, and let us know if they were helpful!

Fronter und andere LMS

Wookie Moodle Google

My Geistesblitzes