How To Write Great Titles Key Steps

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How To Write Great Titles Key Steps by Mind Map: How To Write Great Titles Key Steps

1. Unroll the more specific info in the remaining part of the title, including product name, application, use, etc.

2. There are notable exceptions: for example a popular product or name may be more easily found if name is used in the title opening

3. Test the title inside Google

4. Query Google with 2 to 4 keywords from your title opening and see whether you get results that are on the same topic as your content

5. Identify the REAL topic of the article

6. The REAL topic is equivalent to a book category in a traditional library classification system

7. You need to identify the best matching category that is neither too specific, nor too broad

8. Define that overriding category within two or three words

9. Make those 2-3 words the opening of the title