MODULE 1: Earth and it’s Climate

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MODULE 1: Earth and it’s Climate by Mind Map: MODULE 1: Earth and it’s Climate

1. DAY 3

1.1. Lecture

1.1.1. Climatological records Change in temperature with latitude and longitude eg.seasons Eccentricity and obliquity Various proxies for factors of climate change Biology eg.cells Physical eg.fossils Chemical eg.elements Cycles of climate variability shown by graphs Manifestations of climate change Warming oceans Glacial retreat Sea level rise etc Different response time of climate system components Global warming What is global warming It’s cause It’s effects How does it affect the climate change

1.2. Activity

1.2.1. Making a presentation of various natural disasters in a particular nation allotted to the group

1.2.2. Interviewing an elderly person on climate change

2. DAY 4

2.1. Lecture

2.1.1. Greenhouse gases Introduction to greenhouse gases and their role in climate change

2.1.2. Aerosols What are aerosols and how do they affect the climate Directly eg light scattering and absorption Indirectly eg . Absorption through clouds

2.2. Activity

2.2.1. Read an article of times of India 1908 about climate change followed by discussion

3. DAY 1

3.1. Lecture

3.1.1. Introductory session

3.1.2. Introduction to module and professors

3.1.3. Introduction to Earth and it’s five subsystems Atmosphere Studied in detail the layers of atmosphere Geosphere Lithosphere: studied the layers of earth Biosphere Cryosphere Hydrosphere

3.1.4. Cultural significance of gods with various elements of nature

3.2. Activity

3.2.1. Seeing vs Observing

4. DAY 2

4.1. Lecture

4.1.1. Difference between climate and weather

4.1.2. Climate variability Factors that influence the climate variability Extraterrestrial eg . Solar output Inter terrestrial eg. Volcanic activity Climate zones Polar Temperate Tropical

4.2. Activity

4.2.1. Temperature profile gradient