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Emerging Planetary Mind by Mind Map: Emerging Planetary Mind
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Emerging Planetary Mind

Evolving the Meme

Self Aware Systems

Nova Spivack

Ben Goertzal

Tim O'Reilly

Dan Stocker

Bruce A. McHenry

Peter Russell

Robert David Steele

Jamie Stanton

Building Technology



Platform Prototypes

High Power Server tech

Developing AI

Ben Goertzal

Monica Anderson

Ray Kerzweil

Peter Norvig

Pioneering Interaction Paradigms

Erik Rothenberg

Presencing Institute

Transformation Team


World Watch Institute



Developing CI/CW

Thomas W. Malone

Tom Atlee

George Por

Writing Code

Pierre Levy

Gavin Keech

Sam Smith

Shawn Murphy


Related Research

Computational Neuroscience



Roger Nelson

Developing Insights

Steven Johnson

Internet Map

Joe Brewer

Integral Thinkers

Larry Victor

Singularity Institute

Values Models

exploring techno ethics

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