Effects of school dropout

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Effects of school dropout by Mind Map: Effects of school dropout

1. family

1.1. Domestic violence

1.2. no happiness

1.3. To be a poor family

1.4. Family poverty.

2. Yourself

2.1. No good job

2.2. Unemployment: no income

2.2.1. no income

2.3. Missed opportunity

2.4. No income or lower income

2.5. Easy to cheat from the others

2.5.1. ex: people migrate to work in Thailand human trafficking

2.6. Don't have the people love and like

2.7. Ignorance

2.8. Bullying from other people

2.8.1. gossiped by others

2.9. Toxic stress.

2.9.1. low self-esteem

3. Society

3.1. Loss of human resources

3.2. Country no development

3.3. Have criminals

3.4. look down from other countries