Indian constitution

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Indian constitution by Mind Map: Indian constitution

1. National Human Right Commission

2. Directive principles of state policy

2.1. Non Justiciable Right

3. Bill of Rights

3.1. Bill of Rights in South Africa

4. Fundamental duties of citizen

5. Right to Equality

6. Right to Freedom

6.1. Right to Accused

6.2. Other freedom

6.3. Preventive Detention

6.4. Right to Life and Personal Liberty

7. Right Against Exploitation

7.1. Right to Freedom of Religion

7.2. Freedom of Faith and Ownership

7.3. Equality of All Religions

8. Cultural and Educational Rights

9. Right to Freedom of Religion

10. Right to Constitutional Remedies

10.1. Habeas Corpus

10.2. Mandamus

10.3. Prohibition

10.4. Certiorary

10.5. Quo Warranto