Computational Thinking

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Computational Thinking by Mind Map: Computational Thinking

1. Evaluation

1.1. Tinkering- constant evaluation is occurring

1.2. Science Reports in CER format- Claim, Evidence, Reasoning. Shows you have evaluated the results against your hypthesis.

1.2.1. Then you redefine or redesign

2. Organizing Data

2.1. Graphing data collected during a science experiment

2.2. Creating a spreadsheet and monthly budget document

3. Logical Reasoning

3.1. Logic puzzles in math

3.2. If...then statements when categorizing polygons

4. Decomposition

4.1. Going "green"- separate into areas: recycling, re-using, reducing. Further separate into paper/products, composting food, electricity/water

4.2. Solving multi-step word problems

4.3. Planning a birthday party

5. Designing algorithms

5.1. Design a board game to review a unit. Create the instructions. Have peers play the game. Get Feedback. Re-define.

5.2. Creating school schedules

5.2.1. Adjusting school schedules for assemblies, late starts, early dismissals

5.3. Making a sandwich

6. Abstraction

6.1. Reading a passage and summarizing

6.2. Listening to a speaker

6.3. Reading a policy or user manual

7. Identifying patterns and generalization

7.1. Gen Z learning how to use a desktop phone vs. a cell phone

7.2. Finding relationships between corresponding patterns and defining them

7.3. Categorizing geometric shapes