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Entrepreneurship by Mind Map: Entrepreneurship

1. What is entrepreneurship ?

1.1. The art of turning challenges into success stories

1.2. Process of recognising new opportunities

1.3. Skill in starting new business

2. 5 traits of entrepreneur

2.1. Self-discipline

2.2. Integrity

2.3. Persistence

2.4. Clear sense of direction

2.5. Decisive and action-oriented

3. Differences between Small Business Owners, Managers and Entrepreneurs

3.1. Small business

3.1.1. Belongs to one or few people

3.1.2. Low number of employees

3.2. Manager

3.3. Entrepreneurs

4. Women entrepreneurs prove it isn’t just a man’s world

4.1. Women 3 unique strengths

4.1.1. Trust your gut

4.1.2. Build strong relationships

4.1.3. Find a balance between work and life

4.2. You don’t have to know everything